SIMVEN Bulk Harvesting Bins

Save money on storage, transport and handling for years to come and improve your profitability.

The original SIMVEN all plywood fruit bin offers huge year on year savings over the operational life of the bin. Compared to a an identical sized, all timber bin, the SIMVEN bin holds approximately 10% more fruit. In the case of a plywood sided and timber based bin the advantage is still approx 7%. These losses of volume and consequent dramatic operational cost increases led us to only offer the all plywood Simven Bin

So if you buy 100 of our plywood SIMVEN bins, you need 110 timber bins to hold the same amount (volume or weight) of fruit. By saving 10% on storage, transport and harvesting costs every year, the profitability is greatly enhanced as all savings go directly to the growers bottom line. Even if the timber bin was purchased for 5, you would still be making more profit using the Simven bin.

It is that easy a decision to maximise profits for years to come.

Discover how much you could save with our online savings calculator