SIMVEN Harveting Bin - Spares

All of the following spares are available ex stock on an overnight or 3 day delivery service, or why not order at the same time as new bins and save on transport costs. We can quote for any quantity either by calling us or by completing the contact form on our contacts page

Top Corner Brackets

A galvanised bracket 50 x 50 x 50mm for use on the top four corners of the bin.

Bottom Corner Brackets

A galvanised bracket 50 x 50 x 125mm for use on the bottom four corners of the bin

End Straps

A galvanised flat strap 50 x 100 for use on the end of the bin

Side Brackets

A galvanised bracket 50 x 100 x 50 used to connect the side of the bin to the base, fixed using a t-nut and bolt.


A timber pallet block made either of softwood or hardwood and cut to size based upon your specification

Bottom Runner

A timber runner 22 x 100 section cut to length and tanalised based upon your specification

Fully Assembled Base

A fully constructed runner, block and base assembly, with ventilation holes and slots ready to use.

Bin Sides / Ends

An exterior grade side or end cut to your specification and printed if required

Annular Ring Shanked Galvanised Nails

A 25 kg box of 50mm or 75mm plated annular ring shank nails for use in your bin maintenance programme

120mm Base Bolts

Plated roofing bolts for use in the construction of the base unit giving maximum strength to the bin

Short Bolts

Plated roofing bolts for the connection of the side angle brackets to the side or base of the bin

"T" Nuts

Plated pronged t-nuts used to connect bolts securely to the plywood or timber components of the bin.